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Friday, March 8th, 2013


Save the date! On the weekend 18th/19th of May, during Berlin´s “Karneval Der Kulturen” (“Carneval Of Cultures”, a big street parade, similar to Nottinghill Carnival), we´ll celebrate Lusotronics festival! “Luso” stands for the culture of the Portugese speaking world, and the festival will present the most cutting edge artists from countries such as Brasil, Portugal, Angola and Mocambique, and international adaptors of the luso sound.

Many of the artists that we either released on Man Recordings or featured on this blog will perform, such as Bonde Do Rolê, Batida, Gang Do Eletro, João Brasil feat. Cibelle, Edu K, Waldo Squash, DJ Comrade, Throes & The Shine, Dama Do Bling, Titica, DJ Edgar feat. Bani Silva, DJ Marfox, Gato Preto, Bazzerk DJs, plus plus plus! The two day festival will take place at Berlin club Gretchen.

Visit the festival´s website here and get more infos. You can order tickets from today.

See you in Berlin May 18th/19th!


Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Dama Do Bling (“Lady Bling”) is one of the female voices to watch in 2013. The Maputo, Mozambique based vocalist, was quickly dubbed a lusophone Queen Latifah with her direct and sexy flow in Portuguese and English. With her videos prominently featuring helicopters, mansions, and collabos with other Pan-African superstars like Nigeria’s Sasha P and Kenya’s Yvonne, Dama do Bling is considered well her way to a become a large vocalist in African music.

Dama do Bling is mostly focusing on Africa — conquering it, that is. She’s put together an anthem of self-definition, “Moza Girl,” a reggae hip hop cut laced with live drums. In it, she declares, ”I’m a moza girl, chocolate and cinnamon…I can tell you now, I’m the best in town, little bitty boy dance on my ragga…You can feel, you can move on my swagga.”

And to prove it, she’s made a killer music video that tops anything she did with her former team. Not only does the “Moza Girl” video feature half a dozen car explosions and a wealth of video girl booty, she and her dancers rock some of the best fashion in the southern hemisphere. Of course. Because she’s a fashion designer too, and showed her line at fashion week in Maputo last year. Dama do Bling can’t stop, won’t stop. And that’s why she is still the queen of Mozambican hip hop.

Dama do Bling – Moza Girl from Ernanio Mandlate on Vimeo.