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Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

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Mixpak Records and Man Recordings are two labels with a shared, global perspective. Brooklyn based Mixpak has established itself as a proponent of Caribbean music worldwide, while Berlin label Man Recordings specializes in regional electronic styles from the Southern hemisphere.

With both labels twisting styles & defying genre expectations, their strong natural connection has already led to artistic crossover, both having independently released tracks from Poirier, Douster, Schlachthofbronx, So Shifty & Wildlife. Following an ingenious & humorous idea spawned by Hat N Hoodie boss, Alex Wahl, an official collision of the two labels has resulted in “PAK MAN”, a collaborative compilation EP that brings together like-minded producers from both sides.

To start, Murlo and Wildlife ride a heavy Dembow riddim through contemporary UK clubland on “Control,” quoting Grime and Jacking House along the way. A diva screams, a square wave pulses, and the crowd goes crazy.

Poirier and Douster’s effort explores ragga vibes, melding bits of Dancehall and Soca into one skipping whole, accented by a hyper sharp acid synth that takes the whole piece out of the beach and into outer space.

Mixpak and Man bosses, Dre Skull and Daniel Haaksman, combine for a frantic track called “Split Screen,” a Power Soca track trapped in a Tron-style neon vortex, which barrels along at breakneck speed until the inevitable system crash and reboot disrupts the VR.

Munich and Miami team up for Jubilee and Schlachthofbronx’s driving “Go Deh,” which builds tension before unloading into a dancehall-quoting Miami Bass thunderstorm of alarms and lasers.

Milangeles and So Shifty’s collaborative effort “Dembele” gets its name from the talented musician who lent his balaphone skills to the track. A spirited and melodic effort steeped in the traditions of both African and Caribbean music, “Dembele” has its feet firmly planted in the now.

“PAK MAN” is a smart connection between two labels with similar loves. There is nothing forced about the meta-eclecticism of “PAK MAN,” but there is plenty of new and exciting music that points in many different directions while still staying respectful to its source material. This is global dance music for 2014 — the product of unexpected collaboration and complete freedom.

Some DJ Feedback:

Toddla T: “Fiyah!”
Crookers: “Very good!”
Feadz: “Great association!”
Bert On Beats: “Dope compilation!”
The Flexican: “Great pack!”
J-Star: “Every track a killer!”
Chrissy Murderbot: “Love the concept”
DJ Sabo: “Go Deh is the joint!”
Flore: “Wicked release!”

Buy it from these fine shops:

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Listen to the release here.


Wednesday, February 13th, 2013


Listen to Wildlife!´s brand new mixtape, featuring a lot of upcoming heat from the Swiss bass bredda!


1. Wildlife! ft. Ward 21 – No Future (PHREE Music, March 2013)
2. Wildlife! ft. Rapha – Drop It (Enchufada, April 2013)
3. Wildlife! – Klouds (Mixpak Records, March 2013)
4. Wildlife! ft. Serocee – Pissheadsville (PHREE Music, March 2013)
5. Wildlife! ft. Rapha – Boiler Riddim (Enchufada, April 2013)
6. Wildlife! – Armagideon Time (Sam Tiba Remix) (PHREE Music, April 2013)
7. Wildlife! ft. Rapha – PC Riddim (Enchufada, April 2013)
8. Wildlife! ft. Natalie Storm – Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
9. Wildlife! ft. Terry Lynn – Oh Bondage Up Yours (PHREE Music, March 2013)

NAtalie Storm – Look Pon me (Chong X Remix) Free Download

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
NAtalie Storm - Look Pon me (Chong X Remix) Free Download



Thursday, August 11th, 2011

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August usually is the month of a no-release policy by most labels, but Mixpak from New York do it differently and now bang out some of the fastest paced tracks by our Munich homeboys Schlachthhofbronx.

On their new EP for Mixpak, Schlachthofbronx turn up both the fun and the tempo with some 165+ BPM power soca insanity. The Mudders EP features ace remixes from Toddla T as well as Canblaster and Myd and is sure to send any tropical minded dancefloor into overdrive. Standout track “Wave and Wine” is at once driving and melodic; modern and timeless. This is peak time music for 21st century raves.

To celebrate the release and to get everybody in proper Carnival Mode, Mixpak and Schlachthofbronx are giving out the lead track “Mudders” for free! You can download it from here

Watch this space for the new Schlachthofbronx “Carimbo” EP on Man Rec, released end of September feat. a new anthem with Gnucci Banana!!