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Thursday, April 5th, 2012


Following his acclaimed „Rambazamba“ album release in May 2011, Berlin ?s tropical pioneer Daniel Haaksman now returns with a remix version of his debut, aptly titled “More Rambazamba“ (a.k.a. “With a blazer”).

„More Rambazamba“ literally translated means „More Mayhem“ („Rambazamba“ is a German word for „stiring up“, „kicking up a fuss“). Ensuring instant dancefloor rage, the musical styles on this album reflect on Haaksman ?s DJ and production style: Always full of surprises, eclectic and high-powered, yet with a gentleman touch. We hear on „More Rambazamba“, to quote Wayne & Wax blog author Wayne Marshall, „creative reworkings of some time-honored Haaksman anthems“ such as „Rap Da Silva“, „Carnival“, „Jesus“ feat. Tati Quebra Barraco or „Bomba“. Marshall: „These remixes overflow with polyrhythmic joy, bumping along with little regard for genre boundaries and in the process creating even more space for winding waists — and tastes!“

The list of remixers on „More Rambazamba“ is hot and high-calibred. Highlights include: Berlin noise master Jan Driver returning with his classic remix of „Hands Up“ feat. Seguindo Sonhos, which also got retouched by Paris hyphy don French Fries. Sound Of Sumo ?s Kry Wolf laid Haaksman ?s „Carnival“ onto a bass heavy, clickety clack UK groove, Estonia ?s Bert On Beats reworked the bumpy cover version of„Din Daa Daa“ in his trademark Kuduro inspired bass style. Big Dope P of Moveltraxxx sent the Rio funk anthem „Rap Da Silva“ to Chicago for a new Juke examination. Hamburg ?s So Shifty injected beefy beats to „Bomba“ feat. Roxxxy Bione, while Chrissy Murberbot put another Chicago infused rhythm onto „Jesus“ feat. Tati Quebra Barraco. And Urbs from Vienna remixed „Rap Da Silva“ in classic JA roots fashion.

Grab the free So Shifty remix for “Bomba” from here:

1. Carnival (Kry Wolf Remix)
2. Din Daa Daa (Bert On Beats Remix)
3. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Big Dope P Juke Remix)
4. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (So Shifty Remix)
5. Dubcheck feat. Shantel & Boban Markovic (El Dusty Remix)
6. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (French Fries Remix)
7. Copabanana (DJ Punish Remix)
8. Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (Neki Stranac Remix)
9. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos (Jan Driver Remix)
10. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
11. Din Daa Daa (Boogaloo Remix)
12. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco (Chrissy Murderbot Remix)
13. Rap Da Silva feat. Bani Silva (Urbs Remix)

Listen/buy to the release below:


Man 066 El Dusty – K Le Pasa Remix

Friday, March 2nd, 2012
Man 066 El Dusty - K Le Pasa Remix

Man 066 K Le Pasa Remix

„K Le Pasa“ by Texas based El Dusty was released late November 2011 on Man Recordings and since has turned into a floor smashing cumbia banger that many DJs play out in clubs.

Now the remix EP is released and it´s safe to say that with the big, big remixes this release contains, the „K Le Pasa“ craze will spread much further. Again, Man Recordings presents an international, transatlantic music dialogue of the finest names in club music.


First up is Berlin´s Jan Driver of Boysnoize Records fame who shaped „K Le Pasa“ into a stadium rocking noise smasher, what is probably the most hardcore European treatment a Cumbia track ever received. Holland´s Alvaro, known for that high in demand Dutch touch remixed „K Le Pasa“ into a nasty little Moombathon track that will excite many lady´s hips. Alan Rosales & DJ Mouse of Monterrey, Mexico, slashed out the magic 3Ball ryhthm of Mexico, which fuses Cumbia with Euro house, bringing together the best elements of both sides of the pond. So Shifty from Hamburg, Germany, remixed „K Le Pasa“ into an amazing cumbiaton inspired version, which will kill all global bass oriented floors. Finally, it´s Sonora from the Peligrosa crew of Austin, Texas, who remixed El Dusty´s block rocking tune in a surprising, uptempo freestlye ghetto floor whipper.

As we have so much love for this release you can grab the banging Alvaro Moombathon remix FOR FREE (!) from here for limited time:

Five amazing remixes that range from noisy Electro to Moombathon, 3Ball Guarachero to Cumbiaton and Freestyle Ghetto, The „K Le Pasa Remix“ EP is a sure shot for every DJ!!


Crookers: “Jan Driver did it again!”
Munchi: “Alvaro remix – fuck yeah!”
Feadz: “Taking the Alvaro remix, haha!”
Douster: “Love the 3Ball remix!”
Sabo “Alvaro and So Shifty mixes are FUEGO!! thanks!”
Mixhell: “Jan Driver Always Killing!”
So Shifty: “Love the OG so much and it looks like everybody took it to the next level! Bamm!”
Toy Selectah: “All Bangers! like to got such a massive track ready for all kind of crowd and scenes!”
Larry Tee: “Jan Driver is a big one!”
Bert On Beats: “So Shifty For President”
Big Dope P ” Big remix EP ! Im in fuckin love with the Alan Rosales & Dj Mouse remix.. gon play this a lot lot lot ! special mention for the so shifty remix too”
Acid Washed: “Jan Driver Remix – BoomBoomBoom! Full powa!”
DJ Rob 3: “Cool Ep. 3Ball remix nailed it.”
DJ TLP: “Top quality as always, great remixes! So Shifty for me!”

Buy it from here:

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Friday, March 25th, 2011

Our graphic designer Paul Snowden is a genius. Not only has his “Wasted German Youth” t-shirt range developed into a global brand with endless local interpretations such as “Brooklyn Wasted Youth” or “São Paulo Wasted Youth”, the slogan celebrating Berlin´s relentless after hour club culture, which has become a main tourist attraction of the German capitol. Now Paul Snowden has started a cooperation with a German beer company. The result is “Wasted German Beer”, 100% chemical free, brewed after the “Deutsche Reinheitsgebot” (“German purity law” from A.D. 1348). The launch party for the beer is today at the “Wasted German Youth” store in Berlin-Mitte, ten crates of the healthy drink will be given away from 2pm this afternoon at Memhardstrasse 1 in Mitte.


Tomorrow “Wasted German Youth” will celebrate the fourth installment of its “Rave Tut Gut” (“Rave Does Good”) party with three dancefloors of dancefloor madness. Jan Driver and myself plus a dozen other DJs are playing for zero fee and all profits will be donated to the Bjoern Schulz stiftung in Berlin to help children with cancer. Check out RAVE TUT GUT #4


Monday, March 21st, 2011

Bildschirmfoto 2011-03-21 um 14.38.04

My “Rambazamba” album is in the pipeline and you can pre-listen to some of the tracks of the album on this teaser mix I did last week. “Rambazamba” will contain some of the best tracks released on my singles (re-mastered with an extra bass-boost by Jan Driver) plus various new tracks, that have all been successfully club-tested lately. The release date of the album is May 16th, prior to the album I´ll re-release “Copabanana” with a non-album bonus track and some piping hot remixes of the still undiscovered summer classic from the “Gostoso” EP. Watch this space for more news!

Daniel Haaksman “Rambazamba”-Album Teaser by Daniel Haaksman / Man Rec

Man 053 Daniel Haaksman “Hands Up Remix” EP out now!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010
Man 053 Daniel Haaksman "Hands Up Remix" EP out now!

Man 053 Cover

Man Recordings don daa daa, Daniel Haaksman, returns with a remix edition of his „Hands Up“ EP which was released in July to much DJ and radio acclaim. In the remix EP, „Hands Up“ feat. Mozambiquan female MC crew Seguindo Sonhos gets a quintruple, trans-global deluxe remix treatment, already played by DJs like Crookers, Brodinski, Fake Blood, Feadz, Toddla T and many others.

The remix EP kicks off with Jan Driver of Boys Noize Records fame, who slams Haaksman´s original track onto the floor of Panoramabar Berlin with a wall of sound-compression that would crush any concrete. Paris´new wonderkid, French Fries, brings „Hands Up“ into low-end territories with his fantastic Grime meets Hyphy rework. Emynd from Philadelphia delivers a classic, in your face Bmore remix that certainly will bring many dancefloors to the boil. The king of Monterrey Elektro Tribal Guarrachero, at just 17 years old (!) Erick Rincon, created the genre specific, shuffley Tribal Guarrachero rework, which brings „Hands Up“ into sped up Cumbia-Techno realms. And finally, Beware + Motorpitch from Vienna present a classy tropical house rework that brings Haaksman´s original track back to the Euro dancefloors. „Hands Up“ around the world!!

Bonus remixes on this EP are the legendary Bert On Beats rework of „Kid Conga“ feat. MC Miltinho – which won the Man Recordings remix contest in 2009. Plus the slammin´ reinterpretation of „Purr Na Na“ by French Electro whizkids Beataucue, which re-assembles one of the highlight tracks of the „Valeu – Celebrating 5 Years Of Man Recordings“ compilation.


Crookers: “French Fries Remix already in our set! Big!” (Phra)
Crookers: “Jan Driver Remix is the bomb, i like a lot how it sounds too, peace!” (Bot)
Brodinski: “So in love with the Jan Driver remix!”
Sinden: „ Love the Jan Driver remix. The French Fries is also sounding good.“
DJ Feadz: “Good remixes out there!”
Fake Blood: “This Jan Driver remix is bananas”
Foamo: “French Fries Remix – whoops!”
Toddla T: “Love the Jan Driver remix”
Untold: “Fantastic remix package, Jan Driver and Emynd mixes for me!”
Lucas / ZDS: “Beware+Motorpitch is the best one here”
Douster: “Wow, big release!”
Schlachthofbronx: “Another banger, Erick Rincon for us!”
Larry Tee: “Jan Driver kills it”
Missill: „Wicked EP“
Beataucue: “Jan Driver Remix is nice!”
DJ Yoda: “Emynd mix is dope!”
Mumdance: “LOVE THIS – Every remix is amazing”
Mustardpimp: “Beataucue Remix is great”
Bert On Beats: “French Fries and Beware+Motorpitch are the winners here! Super release!”
DJ Orgasmic: “French Fries and Jan Driver Remixes are both really good”
Wildlife!: “Big things as usual! French Fries & Jan Driver are the picks for my set!”
Malente: “Strong package”
Act Yo Age : „WOW – Amazing remix package!“
Motorpitch: “Jan Driver remix is amazing!”
Top Billin´: “Emynd wins this round! Dope remix EP!”
Joyce Muniz: “Dope sexy remixes”
Chernobyl: “Supercool! Emynd remix is my fav”
TLP: “Emynd remix – love this”
Lazy Flow : “Massive!”

Get it exclusive – one week ahead of all the other shops – at Juno Download: