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Friday, October 13th, 2017

We are happy to present the remix version of Daniel Haaksman´s much hyped summer release, the “Fun fun fun / Aná Aná Aná” single, Daniel´s take on the Cape Verdian high speed dance sounds Funaná and Kotxi Pó – as not all dance music from Africa necessarily has to be Afro house these days.

The remix package is also breaking boundaries in the Afro sounds we hear today. Three of 2017´s hottest tropical music acts put their hands on the Funaná tracks: DJ Marfox, Freak De L´Afrique and Populous.

DJ Marfox, a long time supporter of the original “Fun Fun Fun” track kicks off the remixes with a hypnotic, Portuguese Kuduro inspired version of “Fun Fun Fun” that brings every dancefloor to the boil. Just check the Instagram feed of the Principe DJ crew, there´s various ocassions where the Marfox version gets played out the somewhere around the world, even Berlin´s Berghain went nuts on this (believe it or not!).

From left to right: DJ Marfox, Daniel Haaksman, Tony Amado, Kalaf Angelo

Freak De L´Afrique from Berlin, who are currently getting a lot of love for their recent Afro club bomb “Mama Eh”, released on Man Recordings, also did their take on “Fun Fun Fun” and turned it into a festival style UK funky anthem with hands-up-in-the-air build ups – accordion included!

Last but not least, Italy´s Populous, whose recent album “Azulejos” was internationally acclaimed, put “Aná Aná Aná” in dembow mode with his hip shaking version.

Daniel Haaksman “Black Coffee” ft. Dama Do Bling Live / + “Fun Fun Fun” + “Aná Aná Aná” live

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
Daniel Haaksman "Black Coffee" ft. Dama Do Bling Live / + "Fun Fun Fun" + "Aná Aná Aná" live

Watch Daniel Haaksman and Dama Do Bling at the Lusafro stage during Odyssee Festival in Mühlheim, DE, 21st of July 2017.

Also on the same stage performed Os Lusafros, consisting of a three piece band, Cape Verdian vocalists Helio Batalha, Rapaz 100 Juiz, Ceuzany, Fattú Djakité, Lucibela plus Gato Preto and Dama Do Bling dropping lyrical heat on Daniel Haaksman´s new “Fun fun fun” and “Aná Aná Aná” tracks (released Man 100)


Friday, July 14th, 2017


With our 100th release, we thought we´ll celebrate in style. Not wanting to put out another compilation with collabs of our labels artist, we decided to do something different, something fun. After musically touching bases with Brasil, Angola, Mozambique and almost everything in between, our label boss Daniel Haaksman instead decided to open a new chapter in our musical journey.

The “Fun Fun Fun / Aná Aná Aná” single presents his take on the hi-speed dance sound of Cabo Verde called Funaná. Cabo Verde is the beautiful island archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean which is located at the very geographical center of South America, the Caribbean, North America, Africa and Europe. In short, it´s in the middle of the sphere called the Black Atlantic, a zone of vast musical and cultural exchange of which we´ve been releasing sounds since our catalogue number 01, the now legendary “Não Wave” compilation.

Earlier this year, Daniel stayed for a few weeks in Cabo Verde to initiate the international music festival Lusafro, which brought musicians from the Portuguese speaking countries of Africa together with artists from Germany. Man 100 is a result of Daniel´s island visit and the joyful time he spent on Cabo Verde.


Thus, “Fun Fun Fun / Aná Aná Aná” is another milestone in our release history. Already caned by Lusafro participating artist DJ Marfox on his recent world tour and baptized in the extensive studio sessions during Lusafro by Cabo Verde´s creme of the crop of young MCs and singers such as Dino D´Santiago, Fattú Djakité, Nissah Barbosa, Rapaz 100 Juiz and Batchart amongst others, “Fun Fun Fun” mixes beats and accordion sounds of Funaná with trap and Euro bass music components. Consider it one of the biggest tropical bass summer tunes of 2017, perfect for the big stages.

Track two, “Aná Aná Aná” is also featuring the accordion but with no half time break. It is inspired by Cabo Verde´s Kotxi Pó genre, the hardcore, electronic and instrumental version of Funaná, sometimes up to 30 min long which currently dominates Cabo Verde´s airwaves and dancefloors.

“Passa sabi!” as they say in Cabo Verde creole. (“Have fun!”)

Early DJ support from DJ Marfox, Branko, Schlachthofbronx, Populous and many more!


Friday, February 27th, 2015

Daniel Haaksman just celebrated the one hundredth volume of his weekly radio show Luso FM on German public radio station Funkhaus Europa. In little more than two years, despite being presented in German language, Luso FM has become a global reference to new sounds and artists from countries such as Angola, Brasil, Portugal, Moçambique and Capo Verde.

In Luso FM #100, Daniel presents the most played songs and talks about guest mixes and the rising wave of cutting edge sounds and grooves from the Portuguese speaking world which developed largely unnoticed outside the Anglo-Saxon dominated, online media world we live in. Over it´s one hundred show stretch, Luso FM presented genres like Kuduro, Baile Funk, Tecno Brega, Funana, Kizomba, Ku House, Favela Trap or Pandza and displayed the music´s countless trans-atlantic relationships and diasporic roots. One hundred volumes of Luso FM have shown that music from the lusosphere (“Luso” meaning “Portuguese speaking” (anaolgous to Francophone for French speaking)) has become an important force in global dance music to reckon with. If you missed out any past shows, check out Daniel´s Luso FM playlist on Soundcloud which contains 97 of the 100 last presentations. Man Rec says Big Up!


Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Milangeles Edit

Italian ghetto stallions Milangeles just released a string of dancefloor friendly edits perfect for your weekend club selection. Download a bassed up version of Gijs Scheeringa´s “So Cu Pe” Funana trap tune, a mashup of Big Chococolate, and Schlachthofbronx ft. Gnucci & Spoek´s “Ayoba”, as well as Nadia Oh´s “Slapper” – all reworked by Fillipo & Teddy, the two heads behind Milangeles. Get all three edits for free from below!