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Daniel Haaksman “Black Coffee” ft. Dama Do Bling Live / + “Fun Fun Fun” + “Aná Aná Aná” live

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
Daniel Haaksman "Black Coffee" ft. Dama Do Bling Live / + "Fun Fun Fun" + "Aná Aná Aná" live

Watch Daniel Haaksman and Dama Do Bling at the Lusafro stage during Odyssee Festival in Mühlheim, DE, 21st of July 2017.

Also on the same stage performed Os Lusafros, consisting of a three piece band, Cape Verdian vocalists Helio Batalha, Rapaz 100 Juiz, Ceuzany, Fattú Djakité, Lucibela plus Gato Preto and Dama Do Bling dropping lyrical heat on Daniel Haaksman´s new “Fun fun fun” and “Aná Aná Aná” tracks (released Man 100)


Friday, March 8th, 2013


Save the date! On the weekend 18th/19th of May, during Berlin´s “Karneval Der Kulturen” (“Carneval Of Cultures”, a big street parade, similar to Nottinghill Carnival), we´ll celebrate Lusotronics festival! “Luso” stands for the culture of the Portugese speaking world, and the festival will present the most cutting edge artists from countries such as Brasil, Portugal, Angola and Mocambique, and international adaptors of the luso sound.

Many of the artists that we either released on Man Recordings or featured on this blog will perform, such as Bonde Do Rolê, Batida, Gang Do Eletro, João Brasil feat. Cibelle, Edu K, Waldo Squash, DJ Comrade, Throes & The Shine, Dama Do Bling, Titica, DJ Edgar feat. Bani Silva, DJ Marfox, Gato Preto, Bazzerk DJs, plus plus plus! The two day festival will take place at Berlin club Gretchen.

Visit the festival´s website here and get more infos. You can order tickets from today.

See you in Berlin May 18th/19th!


Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Despite autumn temperatures in Berlin, this year´s Wassermusik Festival at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt (“House Of World Cultures”) is something you shouldn´t miss when you live in Berlin or pass the German capitol within the next weeks. This year´s edition is entitled “South_South” and imagines a world without the North – without the influence of the European powers, who, to this day, continue to dictate the flow of material and immaterial goods into and out of the former colonies.

South_South describes exchanges that happen beneath the radar of colonial perception, where familiar European interfaces start to blur. Africa is mainly at the center of attention: in the east of the continent, Taraab music developed through a blend of Indian and Arab influences. West Africa enjoys fruitful exchanges with the Caribbean, leading, for example, to the Champeta style in Colombia. Rumba made its way from Central Africa to Cuba, then back to Africa and now has its creative center in East Africa. Last but not least, Palenque and Garifuna represent the cultures of former slaves from Colombia and Central America.

Wassermusik 2012 also offers space for invented or dreamed-up connections, such as the London-born intra-Caribbean Ska Cubano or the West Africa project of the Indian-Canadian singer Kiran Ahluwahlia. Musical highlights are performances by Totó La Momposina, Eddie Palmieri and Quantic´s “Ondatropica” Live feat. Frente Cumbiero amongst others.

As ever, the festival is not limited to music, but also features feature films, music documentaries and other documentary films. The mix is rounded off with dicussions and artist talks. The festival opens today and runs until August 11th. Catch the whole program here.