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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Daniel Haaksman -081

With “Toma Que Toma” Europe´s Nr.1 baile funk lover, Daniel Haaksman, returns with a club bomb that is hardly resistable.

With an accordeon sound nicked from a Tarantela tune off a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, plus the trademark 808 snare roll of baile funk and the demand to “Toma Que Toma”, this track will not only be moving bundas to the ground, but packing dancefloors alike.

“Toma Que Toma” is a ubiquious saying in both Spanish and Portuguese language and was often sampled by Rio funk producers. It literally translates to “Get you some” or “Take the take” or “Drink for drink”.

Besides the party-blowing original mix, the single comes with an A1 pack of currently much hyped remixers. The remixes are kicked off by Bot, formerly of Crookers fame and now part of the Main Course collective alongside Astronomar and Neoteric, who went Jersey club style with his version of “Toma Que Toma”. Super hot Italian stallions, Milangeles, shaped Haaksman´s tune into their trademark juke-meets-polka bounce flavour. Then it´s São Paulo´s trap dons Tropkillaz who put “Toma Que Toma” on the tropical bass down low. Last but not least, it´s Waldo Squash of Belem´s Gang Do Eletro who dissolved “Toma Que Toma” into a bouncy Tecno Brega remix.

Four sizzling hot remixes, plus an original mix ready to instantly tropicalize any club, and make the crowd go “Toma Que Toma!”

DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Bigbigbigbigbig!”
Crookers: “Original version is $”
Schlachthofbronx: “Yesyes, accordeon wins!”
Astronomar “All tracks are dope!”
So Shifty: “Killer Stuff!”
Toy Selectah “Super dope!”
Boris Dlugosch “Love the original! Full support!”
Christian Martin / Dirtybird: “Bot´s remix is dope!”
Salva: “Bot remix is dope!”
Mixhell “Amazing remixes by our n*ggaz Bot and Tropkillaz!”
Bert On Beats: “Love the original and Bot remix, must have for all funkheads!”
DJ Sabo: “Original mix and Tropkillaz version for me, thanks!”
Big Dope P: “Milangeles FTW!””
Douster: “Goood!”
Flore: “Wicked release!”
Shir Khan: “Original is great!”

Listen to the release in a minimix here:

Buy it from here:

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Man 065 El Dusty “K Le Pasa”

Monday, November 28th, 2011
Man 065 El Dusty "K Le Pasa"

Man 065 El Dusty K Le Pasa Kopie

Sometimes there´s tracks which you hear for the first time and they strike you so hard, that you know they´re going to be big. When Man Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman was introduced to the freshly uploaded video to El Dusty´s „K Le Pasa“ by Till of So Shifty, he instantly knew the track was destined to become a club hit. In the video, a party gets out of bounds with girls grinding to a sexy cumbia groove and guys jumping up to the raw energy of „K Le Pasa“. Call it Cumbia Electro – mixing up classic Colombian cumbia with side chain compression and synth noise, Texas based producer and DJ El Dusty created the ultimate Latin banger that brings together the best of Europe and South America.

El Dusty

El Dusty hails from Corpus Christi on the Mexican Gulf coast and has been Djing since ages. A manic record collector, his sets combine the best of electro, cumbia and rap, a mix which resonates in „K-Le Pasa“.

The track was mixed and mastered in Berlin by Jan Driver of Boysnoize Records for that extra big sound.

Cumbia, Electro and a ready-to-party sound: This tune will heat up many floors this winter.

DJ Feedback:

Drop The Lime: “El Dusty Is Bananas. Woop Woop!”
Christian Martin / Dirtybird: “Heavy Mang”
Boris Dlugosch: “Bam! K Le Pasa Rocks. Support!”
Douster: “Cool”
Schlachthofbronx: “Big Tune! Full support”
Mixhell: “Big”
Acid Washed: “Big Ace!”
Larry Tee: “Good Fun”
Scottie B: “Another solid effort”
Bert On Beats: “The Banger”
Malente: “Fun. For the times when you gotta play hard”
So Shifty: “Fucking love this song. Gets a great crowd response everytime too.”
DJ Sabo: “Cool tune, Dusty is the homie, good to see him getting some recognition! ”
Flore: “Killer”
Beat Laden: “Bomb!”
Moveltraxxx: “Wow, this is a hit!”
Pathaan: “Dope!”
Russ Jones: “Yes aye!”

Buy it from here:


Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Freestyle was a Miami based electro funk outfit which released their seminal “Don´t Stop The Rock” in 1985. The track was produced by Pretty Tony, one of the most prolific 1980´s electro producers. He build the electro legacy which would give birth to the sound of Miami Bass and Freestyle (and consequently, Baile Funk). In the later 1980s he produced Debbie Deb´s “Look Out Weekend” and Shannon. Both Autechre as well as Chemical Brothers cite “Don´t Stop The Rock” as their main musical influence.

Download the Daniel Haaksman Baile Funk Remix of “Don´t Stop The Rock” here – or cop it in high res super sound on the “Rio Baile Funk Breaks” vinyl:


If you are looking for more tracks that set the musical base for baile funk, check this Brazilian blog – with tons of MP3s – entirely dedicated to the roots of Rio funk:


Man Recordings Inspiration Series #4 : DAF

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

The German New Wave had many effects on the emergence of electro funk in the U.S. and DAF´s “Der Räuber Und Der Prinz” illustrates why. The song hasnt got a real funky beat, but when released in 1981 people considered it perfect for the dancefloor. In opposition to the electronic beats of Kraftwerk, DAF used a heavy, live drum beat that sounded like minimalist rock, combined with a set of spare electronic sounds. When surfacing, “Der Räuber Und Der Prinz” sounded so alien, it was considered music from the 21st century. Besides it´s heavy popularity on post-disco dancefloors across Europe (e.g. Cosmic Disco in Northern Italy) it became big in the NY downtown scene. Thus not only NY electro funk was largely influenced by “Der Räuber Und Der Prinz” (“The robber and the prince”). Also visually the song had a huge impact: The video featuring mechanical toy puppets (in lack of budget and robots) was quite possibly the main inspiration for Herbie Hancock´s legendary clip of “Rockit” from 1983.
Until today DAF are considered Germany´s prime influence for electro pop across the world and the later emergence of techno and late 90s electro – right next to Kraftwerk. P.S. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft = German American Friendship (a much used Cold War term in West Germany)

See Herbie Hancock´s “Rockit” video here: