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Monday, October 17th, 2011


With „Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed“ Bert On Beats returns with a big bang. The original album release, „Antenna Of Tallinn“ being considered as one of the major tropical bass albums of 2011, now gets its appropriate remix treatment.

Since the release of Bert On Beat´s debut release „Antenna Of Tallinn“, the Estonian DJ and producer extraordinaire has been busy playing out across Europe and remixing acts such as Buraka Som Sistema, Vybz Kartel, Shotta feat. Mr.Lexx or Schlachthofbronx amongst others with his unique blend of Kuduro inspired Afro beats and dubstep bass wisdom. Recently, Bert also was featured in the Hard Ass Sessions series on Enchufada.

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Containing fourteen reworks, „Antenna Of Tallinn Remixed“ is a big package. Remixes come from a wide range of hot 2011 tickets such as Munchi, Daniel Haaksman, Neki Stranac or Big Dope P, upcoming talent such as Woz, Julius Sylvest, Max Le Daron, as well as established names like Flore, Diamond Bass or Raiden amongst others.

New talent kid on the block, Woz from Bristol kicks off the remix battle with his rework of „Zonin“. In best UK bass fashion Woz shapes the formerly hip hop rooted „Zonin“ into a club friendly banger. Another promising new talent is Julius Sylvest from Copenhagen, who gave „Chega Mais“ feat. MC Gi a proper Euro 3Ball fit, which would make any fan of the wild Monterrey cumbia techno sound excite. UK´s Raiden delivered the heaviest bassline science in the set of remixes with his version of „Zulu Power“ which will melt dancefloors easily. Big Dope P of French ghetto institution Moveltraxxx touched Gun Clap and made a Juke inspired remix accompanied by the frantic raps of MC Sunny. Man Recordings boss Daniel Haaksman displays his current love for Footwork with his remix for „Bone Dat“ which brings the reggae licked original banger to the dancefloors of Chi-Town (watch it, there´s no bassdrum!!). The only lady in the group of remixers, Flore of Lyon, a long time associate of Man Recordings, nails „Shika“ feat. Anbuley to the big floor with ravey synths and the irresistible voice of Anbuley from Ghana. One of the most talked about producers of 2011, Munchi also layed hands on „Bone Dat“ and created a cool Moombathon meets Dutch Bubbling remix that will smash any floor (accordingly titled „Nope This Is Ain´t Moombathon Dude“ Trap Bubbling Remix). These are just a few of the names and styles included, check outher remixes such as Moombathon don Neki Stranac, Diamond Bass from Enchufada crew in Lisboa, Tambour Battant from Bordeaux, Belgian tropical boss Max Le Daron and others.


Switch: “Tight!”
Toddla T: “Man Recordings run tengs”
Crookers: “Yeeeeee”
Seiji: “Munchi smashed it, Daniel Haaksman too!!”
Sinden: “The 2 mixes of Bone Dat are my favs. The Munchi mix is a problem for the clubs!”
Foamo “Yeahhh!! I always look forward to getting new Bert on Beats !! Really cool remix package full of some nice interesting ryhtms… hard to pick a favourite out of these mixes… really love this Hortus Musicus remix! And the Daniel Haaksman & Woz mixes also real sick!!”
Ryan Martelo: “Feeling this Munchi mix, he is on some next level. Haaksman mix is big too!!!”
Wildlife “Nice! Munchi, Woz & Haaksman mixes deffo in my set!”
Scottie B “Very all around and solid.”
Mixhell “Wicked!”
BeatauCue “Nice release”
Nic Sarno “Solid!”
Ramadanman “Thanks!“


1. Girl Ninja (Hortus Musicus Remix)
2. Bone Dat (Munchi´s ´Nope This Ain´t Moombathon Dude`Trap Bubbling Rmx)
3. Suomo (Ku Bo Remix)
4. Bone Dat (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
5. Alemão feat. MC Gi (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
6. Zonin (Woz Remix)
7. Zulu Power (Raiden Remix)
8. Chega Mais feat. MC Gi (Julius Sylvest Remix)
9. Kelewele feat. Anbuley (Neki Stranac Remix)
10. Shika feat. Anbuley (Flore Faya Remix)
11. Gun Clap (Max Le Daron Remix)
12. Gun Clap (Big Dope P Remix)
13. Chega Mais feat. MC GI (Tambour Battant Remix)
14. Bone Dat (Diamond Bass Remix)

We give away the top ranked Horticus Musicus remix (which is a pseudonym of Bert On Beats, hehe) for free download, grab it from here:

Bert On Beats – Girl Ninja (Hortus Musicus remix) by Bert On Beats

BUY the rest of the release from here:

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