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Man 091 Daniel Haaksman “Rename The Streets”

Friday, January 22nd, 2016
Man 091 Daniel Haaksman "Rename The Streets"

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Did you ever wondered how a Steve Reich minimalist kalimba composition could sound in combination with a heavy sub bass and a two step influenced rhythm? Well, Daniel Haaksman serves the answer: His new single “Rename The Streets” perfectly combines the best of classic minimalism with the bass love of today, the kalimba is rooting the track somewhere in Africa, the sound of the sub bass connects it with Europe and the Carribbean.

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The great thing about this beautiful track: You can dance to it, at the same time it raises political awareness. The music video to “Rename The Streets” is adressing the demand for street name changes in Berlin´s colonial quarter, the so called “Afrikanisches Viertel”. In the video, two pole-dancers transform street signs bearing the names of questionable colonial figueres with their moves. Yes, call “Rename The Streets” funky postcolonialism!

The single comes with a DJ friendly extended mix and two remixes. The first remix is by Lisbon´s Kuduro whizkid and Afro don of the hour Dotorado, whose “African Scream” track was considered by many DJs one of the major club tracks of 2015. The second remix by South Africa´s DJ Spoko – the inventor of “Bacardi House”, which laid the foundation to the global success to DJ Mujava´s “Township Funk”. The artwork is by German artist and Venice Biennale 2009 golden lion winner Tobias Rehberger.

“Rename The Streets” is the first single from the upcoming Daniel Haaksman “African Fabrics” album which is scheduled for a late February 2016 release.

Early DJ support by Duke Dumont, Feadz, Seiji, Sinden, Toy Selectah, Roundtable Knights, Flexican, Philippe Cohen-Solal/Gotan Project, and many more!

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Monday, November 16th, 2015

coringa-7w copy

Viní´s debut “Coringa” EP on Man Recordings, which was released in last July, propelled the 22-year old producer from São Paulo to international attention. He is now considered one of the big new talents of the new wave of baile funk where São Paulo has become the new innovation-hub, in which baile funk´s trademark rhtyhm is combined with bass music styles from across the world. In the meantime, Viní had a slot on Branko´s recent São Paulo Boiler Room session and a release in the prestigious Upper Cuts series on Enchufada followed.


And now there´s the “Coringa Remix” EP which connects with Vinís kaleidoscopic approach to low end sounds. The opening remix of Viní´s “Vai” comes from Kking Kong of Lisbon, who shaped the the original track to a twerked dembow banger. Teenage producer Sydney from Rio De Janeiro, an artist from Omulu´s Arrastão label, goes back to baile funk´s legendary Tamborzão rhythm in his version of “Bandida Arlequina”. São Paulo´s Sants, one of the megacity´s hottest names in bass – he has already released his abstract sound science on labels such as London´s Trapdoor – strips down Viní´s “Agente Do Caos” to the bare essentials. Call it minimal funk! The EP gets finally rounded up by Flying Buff´s rework of “Coringa”. Flying Buff are also from São Paulo and represent the more big staged trap sound.

With the “Coringa Remix” EP Viní once more displays the future sound of Brazilian and lusophone bass music!

DJ support by Feadz, Branko, Daniel Haaksman, Poirier, Peter Kruder, Toy Selectah and many more!

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Monday, September 14th, 2015

Man 089 Image

Ten years in the world of dance music is like a century in real life. Dancefloor trends come and go in fast pace and so do record labels, especially in times of social media platforms such as Soundcloud through which artists can build world careers without having a record deal. Nevertheless, record labels still serve as compasses, followed by listeners surfing on the giant music ocean of MP3s . Selecting only the very best music, accompanying a release with proper designs, picking remixes, helping in creating a music video and marketing ideas, labels are not only orientation tools but still important partners in artists careers.

Man Recordings has proven to be a record label in the classic sense. It has picked hot new producers when they were hardly known, accompanied them while riping to become real artists and guided numerous projects to outstanding performances leading to globally known club anthems and pop hits.

On Man Recordings it was e.g. Diplo that released his first international remix in 2005. Crookers broke on Man Recordings internationally with their “Funk Mundial” debut and shortly after released their “Day N´Night” world-hit. Schlachthofbronx had their first internationally recognised single, “Ayoba” ft. the then unknown MC couple Spoek Mathambo + Gnucci. Junior Blender, one half of Hamburg´s So Shifty, which have been close to Man Rec for years, today co-produces Major Lazer. Last but not least Madonna got inspired for her “L.O.V.E. Madonna” song by the Man Recordings released hit “L.O.V.E. Banana” by João Brasil ft. Lovefoxxx. The list of anecdotes and ties of underground talent raised on Man Recordings and their influence and effects on global bass and international pop superstardom is long and continuing.

Now Man Recordings celebrates ten years of releasing amazing transnational club music with some of the best tracks from its catalogue. The compilation “Best Of Man Recordings – Celebrating 10 Years 2005-2015″ includes some of the best and sucessful tracks and remixes by artists such as Diplo, Crookers, Riva Starr, Seiji, Lovefoxxx, Schlachthfobronx, Seiji, Edu K and Man Recordings label boss Daniel Haaksman himself amongst others. It´s a tiny review of the more than eighty releases (and more than 350 tracks) released on Man Recordings over the stretch of a decade.

To accompany the celebration of the label´s ten year anniversary, we´ll feature various stories on our blog surrounding the ten years in business, featuring photos, anecdotes, tracks and videos of our label´s joyful and long musical journey. In the meantime, listen to the compilation and buy it from these fine shops below!

Wood artwork by Angelika Götz.

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

20160615-SNOWDEN-man-rec-088-02 Kopie

Brazilian bass music lately has done quantum leaps. For long, Brazil was excluded from affordable technology due to absurd custom taxes. Today, thanks to the internet, young producers from across Brazil get unprecedented access to cracked software, online tutorials and music from around the world like never before. The result is a huge new wave from Brazil of bass music inspired music hybrids that fuse the best homegrown grooves with transnational low-end elements. New genres such as baile trap, favela twerk or rasteirinha as well as other bass bastards are represented by artists such as Tropkillaz, Omulu, Sants, Cybass, Maffalda, Carlos, Pesadão Tropical and last but not least, Viní.

Viní is a 22 year old producer and DJ from São Paulo, who has long been influenced by international bass music but also by the vibes of the “fluxos” – the baile funk culture on the streets of São Paulo´s outskirts. Man Recordings inspired Viní since his adolescence when he used to listen all volumes of the seminal “Funk Mundial” series. This series brought producers from Europe and the US such as Stereotyp, Sinden, Oliver Dollar or Feadz amongst others, together with baile funk MCs from Rio and anticipated today´s Brazil bass sound. Viní says: “For me it’s a great honour to write my name in the history of the label that inspired me at the beginning, where I could see big names of the current scene as Diplo, Crookers, Douster, Deize Tigrona, Edu K and many others releasing tracks that have become classics.”

Vini (5) 2

Viní named his debut after “Coringa”, the Portuguese equivalent name for the split personality character of The Joker in Batman. It´s a tribute to role plays which are popular amongst São Paulo youths using names and dress elements from comic villains, easily to adopt, yet associated with a badass character and dress style, a Paulista interpretation of swag.

On the bass heavy opening track of the EP, “Vai”, Viní moves from an 808 driven crunk beat into dembow territory, “Bandida Arlequina” sports the seductive rasteirinha beat, a fusion of baile funk and dembow, which currently is all the rage in Brazil. “Agente De Caos” kicks off with an amazing collage of the urban sounds audible at the “fluxos”, motorcycle roaring, police sirens, gun shots and frantic laughter which leads into another rasteirinha groove. And finally, there´s “Coringa” in which rasteirinha clashes onto trap inspired grooves.

The “Coringa” EP by Viní. Four amazingly fresh tracks from one of Brazil´s hottest new artist.

Early DJ support from Toddla T, Feadz, Mixhell, Schlachthofbronx, Daniel Haaksman, Sinden, Douster, Bert On Beats, Milangeles, DJ Orgasmik, Jess+Crabbe and many more!

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Man 087

Daniel Haaksman´s “Sabado” tune ft. Bulldozer has turned a lot of heads on dancefloors around the world since its release earlier this year with its perfect blending of afro vibes, champeta licks and tropical beats. Now the big tune gets a high quality four-pack remix treatment. In classic Man Recordings fashion, the remix EP comes with four differently tempo and style versions from around the world.

Londons garage bass dons LV, of which Daniel has been a long time fan, deliver an high powered island version of “Sabado” that will rock any party carnival style. South African hot ticket of the moment, Aero Manyelo, twisted “Sabado” into a township style house tune. Remix number three comes from Boogaloo, a long time insider´s tip from Lisbon. For their version, they removed “Sabado”´s original melody and remade it in tropical house fashion. The EP gets perfectly rounded up by the dembow inspired version of UK´s Castro who lately rose to prominence in the global bass scene with his releases on Enchufada records.

Four amazing remixes that can be played in all kinds of DJ sets : Daniel Haaksman´s “Sabado” tune is here to stay in crates and dancefloors all summer!

DJ feedback:

Switch “LV remix = Tite!”
Crookers “LV remix is champion!”
Peter Kruder “Aero Manyelo Remix for me!”
Philippe Cohen-Solal / Gotan Project “Very nice remixes!”
Bert On Beats “Dope summer vibz!”
Poirier “Top remixer line up!”
Chrissy Murderbot “LV is killing as always”
Sabo “Castro remix for me!”
Nickodemus “Solid release for different times on the dancefloor”
Shir Khan / Exploited “Castro remix for me!”

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Listen to the EP here:

Grab the Aero Manyelo remix as free download from here!