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Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

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Mixpak Records and Man Recordings are two labels with a shared, global perspective. Brooklyn based Mixpak has established itself as a proponent of Caribbean music worldwide, while Berlin label Man Recordings specializes in regional electronic styles from the Southern hemisphere.

With both labels twisting styles & defying genre expectations, their strong natural connection has already led to artistic crossover, both having independently released tracks from Poirier, Douster, Schlachthofbronx, So Shifty & Wildlife. Following an ingenious & humorous idea spawned by Hat N Hoodie boss, Alex Wahl, an official collision of the two labels has resulted in “PAK MAN”, a collaborative compilation EP that brings together like-minded producers from both sides.

To start, Murlo and Wildlife ride a heavy Dembow riddim through contemporary UK clubland on “Control,” quoting Grime and Jacking House along the way. A diva screams, a square wave pulses, and the crowd goes crazy.

Poirier and Douster’s effort explores ragga vibes, melding bits of Dancehall and Soca into one skipping whole, accented by a hyper sharp acid synth that takes the whole piece out of the beach and into outer space.

Mixpak and Man bosses, Dre Skull and Daniel Haaksman, combine for a frantic track called “Split Screen,” a Power Soca track trapped in a Tron-style neon vortex, which barrels along at breakneck speed until the inevitable system crash and reboot disrupts the VR.

Munich and Miami team up for Jubilee and Schlachthofbronx’s driving “Go Deh,” which builds tension before unloading into a dancehall-quoting Miami Bass thunderstorm of alarms and lasers.

Milangeles and So Shifty’s collaborative effort “Dembele” gets its name from the talented musician who lent his balaphone skills to the track. A spirited and melodic effort steeped in the traditions of both African and Caribbean music, “Dembele” has its feet firmly planted in the now.

“PAK MAN” is a smart connection between two labels with similar loves. There is nothing forced about the meta-eclecticism of “PAK MAN,” but there is plenty of new and exciting music that points in many different directions while still staying respectful to its source material. This is global dance music for 2014 — the product of unexpected collaboration and complete freedom.

Some DJ Feedback:

Toddla T: “Fiyah!”
Crookers: “Very good!”
Feadz: “Great association!”
Bert On Beats: “Dope compilation!”
The Flexican: “Great pack!”
J-Star: “Every track a killer!”
Chrissy Murderbot: “Love the concept”
DJ Sabo: “Go Deh is the joint!”
Flore: “Wicked release!”

Buy it from these fine shops:

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Listen to the release here.


Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

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The 2013 release of the debut EP of the student percussion ensemble Banda Westfalica from the German city of Bünde, North-Rhine-Westphalia, was an unusual release for Man Recordings. Here were some musicians that would play tropical music exclusively acoustically, focussing on unearthing the rhythmic and melodic structure of originally electronically produced songs from the Man Recordings catalogue which originally would tear clubs apart. Banda Westfalica layed bare the soul of tracks such as “Carimbo” or “Tulum” by Schlachthofbronx, “K Le Pasa” by El Dusty, “El Toro” by Beware + Motorpitch, “Hands Up” by Daniel Haaksman or “Cartagenera” by Dutch Rhythm Combo. The versions on Banda Westfalica´s EP displayed a musicality that was buried deep inside those club bangers – and surprised many. “Versions Remixes” now brings the acoustic versions back to the club.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-06 um 22.39.16

Teased with the rhythm tracks and dope stems of Banda Westfalica´s 2m-sized Marimba, we asked a handful of hot and upcoming remixers such as Castro, Criolina, Chong-X, Danilo, Alma Negra, Doblhoff & Wiesflecker, Motin and Johnny 500 (a.k.a. Gijs Scheeringa) to re-work the Banda Westfalica versions. The results are stunning, from zouk bass (Danilo) to trap (Johnny 500) to Afro beat inspirations (Doblhoff & Wiessflecker, Alma Negra) to tropical bass (Motin) to finally electronica tuned vibes (Castro UK and Criolina) there´s a vast sonic range in the set of remixes. Many of the remixers are new names on the block, but all proved their skills masterfully. So here´s Banda Westfalica´s “Versions Remixes”.

DJ feedbacks:

Crookers: “Castro remix in my next set!”
Toddla T: “Motin remix is great!”
Munchi: “Danilo Remix – Ha!!”
Mixhell: “Alma Negra remix is dope!”
Schlachthofbronx: Really nice slo-mo vibes on the Chong X Remix!”
Round Table Knights: “Motin remix is dope!”
DJ Sabo: “Johnny 500 mix is cool, thanks!”
Mumdance: “Love the Castro remix!”
Orion: “So dope! I thought the originals couldnt get any better!”

Listen to the minimix of the release here:

Grab the free track “K Le Pasa” (Motin remix) from here:


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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Man 082 final artwork

After short release stints on Mad Decent and Trouble & Bass and his much celebrated team-up with New Jersey don daa DJ Sliink, Estonia´s bass maestro Bert On Beats returns with a new single to his original homebase, Man Recordings.


For “Pa Pa Pa” Bert On Beats teamed up with legendary baile funk MC Deize Tigrona from the infamous “City Of God” in Rio De Janeiro. Her voice was forged in hundreds of bailes, her song “Injeção” was the founding tune of M.I.A.´s first hit “Bucky Done Gone”. Since more than a decade, Deize has worked with various international producers such as Diplo, Buraka Som Sistema, Jesse Rose, Oliver $, Edu K and Jaloo amongst others, and is considered one the biggest female artists in baile funk.



On “Pa Pa Pa” Deize is fusing her rhymes with a Cuban brass flavour that Bert recorded in his hometown Tallinn. Add the electro funk vibe and you have a club ready tropical tune that sonically melts Rio heat with Baltic bass – a perfect soundtrack for transnational bunda movements.

The single comes with remixes by Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman, New York favela trap maestro DJ Comrade, Italy´s hot Ghetto stallions Milangeles, São Paulo´s up-and-coming baile-twerkster Viní and last but not least Sydney´s Luny P.

DJ Feedback:

Diplo: Killing it!
Astronomar: Fun release, diggin´it!
So Shifty: Love the horns! Remixes are top notch as well. Can’t miss!
DJ Sabo: Nice to hear some good ol’ fashion baile funk lyrics again!
Scottie B: Haaksman = Quality PERIOD!
Pacheko: Haaksman remix is cool
DJ Yoda: Like the original!
JStar: Yes Yes this fills up my tropical fruit basket nicely!
Max Le Daron: Milangeles remix is tight as usual! Vini version is going in my crates too!
Boyfriend: The Original and Daniels versions are amazing!

Listen to the release in the minimix:

Grab the DJ Comrade remix for free from here:

Buy it from here:

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Daniel Haaksman -081

With “Toma Que Toma” Europe´s Nr.1 baile funk lover, Daniel Haaksman, returns with a club bomb that is hardly resistable.

With an accordeon sound nicked from a Tarantela tune off a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, plus the trademark 808 snare roll of baile funk and the demand to “Toma Que Toma”, this track will not only be moving bundas to the ground, but packing dancefloors alike.

“Toma Que Toma” is a ubiquious saying in both Spanish and Portuguese language and was often sampled by Rio funk producers. It literally translates to “Get you some” or “Take the take” or “Drink for drink”.

Besides the party-blowing original mix, the single comes with an A1 pack of currently much hyped remixers. The remixes are kicked off by Bot, formerly of Crookers fame and now part of the Main Course collective alongside Astronomar and Neoteric, who went Jersey club style with his version of “Toma Que Toma”. Super hot Italian stallions, Milangeles, shaped Haaksman´s tune into their trademark juke-meets-polka bounce flavour. Then it´s São Paulo´s trap dons Tropkillaz who put “Toma Que Toma” on the tropical bass down low. Last but not least, it´s Waldo Squash of Belem´s Gang Do Eletro who dissolved “Toma Que Toma” into a bouncy Tecno Brega remix.

Four sizzling hot remixes, plus an original mix ready to instantly tropicalize any club, and make the crowd go “Toma Que Toma!”

DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Bigbigbigbigbig!”
Crookers: “Original version is $”
Schlachthofbronx: “Yesyes, accordeon wins!”
Astronomar “All tracks are dope!”
So Shifty: “Killer Stuff!”
Toy Selectah “Super dope!”
Boris Dlugosch “Love the original! Full support!”
Christian Martin / Dirtybird: “Bot´s remix is dope!”
Salva: “Bot remix is dope!”
Mixhell “Amazing remixes by our n*ggaz Bot and Tropkillaz!”
Bert On Beats: “Love the original and Bot remix, must have for all funkheads!”
DJ Sabo: “Original mix and Tropkillaz version for me, thanks!”
Big Dope P: “Milangeles FTW!”"
Douster: “Goood!”
Flore: “Wicked release!”
Shir Khan: “Original is great!”

Listen to the release in a minimix here:

Buy it from here:

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


Man Recordings is happy to present to you the debut EP by a new Italian crew. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: Milangeles.

The two producers started as DJs and party promoters in their local town of Pavia, which is closely located to the city of Milan. “Milangeles” is a North Italian term for Latin American working migrants living in greater Milan, a name appropriate for the musical project of Filippo Tortorici and Teddy Renton. Two years ago, Flippo and Teddy got into producing their own edits and remixes for tracks they digged and eventually started to make their own tunes.

When DJing with them at one of their Fiasco parties in Pavia, Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman was impressed by their unique approach to musically fuse all things ghetto. In a Milangeles track you can easily travel from juke to trap to polka to baile funk back and forth within 2.5 minutes. An approach perfect for a release on Man Recordings.


And now Milangeles release their “Passionata” EP, which of course means “being passionate” in Italian. And boy, are they hot!
The EP opens with the super “Samuel” tune which features a very known 1980s electro funk sample, twisted the Milangeles way. Starting with a cumbia groove you soon find yourself in a ghetto polka.

“Pan Man” kicks off bad man style and then soon drops into a down low pogo that surely will get your dancefloor blown into pieces. “Senta Senta Senta” feat. Rio De Janeiro´s baile funk crew Bonde Das Preparadas makes sure all girls will go up and down with their hips in the club. Finally, there´s the EP´s title track “Passionata” a laid back bass baby that everyone will get down to. It features the mighty Copia Doble Systema from Copenhagen – a match made in heaven.

Now wake the town and tell the people! Milangeles are here!


DJ Quotes:

Diplo: “Big ups for Passionata!”
Crookers: “Will play Samuel”
So Shifty: “Fantastic! All killer, no filler, can´t really pick a fav here.”
Schlachthofbronx: “Wicked release, love it!”
Bert On Beats: “Will definitely play Samuel. Dope energy there!”
Uproot Andy “Senta Senta Senta is super fun!”
Poirier: “Nice melodic baile funk inspired tracks!”
Shir Khan “Sameul And Senta Senta Senta are good fun”
Boogaloo “Crazyy!”
TLP: “Nice!”
Flore: “Huuge!”
Nickodemus: “Fun!”
Max Le Daron: “Great EP, love it so much!”
Chernobyl DJ: “Perfect! Exactly what I need!”

Listen to the EP here:


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