February 27th, 2015

Daniel Haaksman just celebrated the one hundredth volume of his weekly radio show Luso FM on German public radio station Funkhaus Europa. In little more than two years, despite being presented in German language, Luso FM has become a global reference to new sounds and artists from countries such as Angola, Brasil, Portugal, Moçambique and Capo Verde.

In Luso FM #100, Daniel presents the most played songs and talks about guest mixes and the rising wave of cutting edge sounds and grooves from the Portuguese speaking world which developed largely unnoticed outside the Anglo-Saxon dominated, online media world we live in. Over it´s one hundred show stretch, Luso FM presented genres like Kuduro, Baile Funk, Tecno Brega, Funana, Kizomba, Ku House, Favela Trap or Pandza and displayed the music´s countless trans-atlantic relationships and diasporic roots. One hundred volumes of Luso FM have shown that music from the lusosphere (“Luso” meaning “Portuguese speaking” (anaolgous to Francophone for French speaking)) has become an important force in global dance music to reckon with. If you missed out any past shows, check out Daniel´s Luso FM playlist on Soundcloud which contains 97 of the 100 last presentations. Man Rec says Big Up!

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