December 8th, 2014

bier 3

The music of Schlachtofbronx is probably the least pure music you could think of. Mixing up everything from juke to ghetto tec, baile funk, cumbia, crunk, polka, dancehall and footwork in their energetic sounds, Schlachthofbronx´ block rocking style is super hybrid and by nature against any kind of purity. When it comes to beer however, Schlachthofbronx take a different position as they now prove with their latest release: the Schlachthofbronx beer. By rules of the German purity law – which allows breweries to produce beer only of water, barely and hops – the Schlachthofbronx beer is 100% pure and a very tasty, pale ale, brewed in Munich, the world capitol of beer. Having already released various original merch items such as the Schlachthofbronx vuvuzela, the Schlachthofbronx air horn and the “Rave And Romance” lighters amongst others, it seems only logical for the Bavarian DJ and producer duo to step up to the next level of merch and create their own brew brand. If you make it to one of the Munich shows, make sure to taste it. Or order it directly from the Schlachthofbronx shop. Prost!

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