June 20th, 2012


Stereotyp, the Viennese producer who released on Man Rec under the Ku Bo moniker, produced in 2011 two of the most outstanding tracks on Buraka Som Sistema´s “Komba” album ( “Vem Curtir” and “Hangover”) and is considered a mythical figure. Wherever I travel, people always keep asking me about him and what he´s up to musically. I havent been in contact with Stereo lately, but while going through some old vinyls last weekend, I stumbled upon the very first Stereotyp release, which came out in 1998 on the seminal Viennese label Uptight.

This debut was released under the name Sly n´ Mo, entitled “Joint Venture”. It was released at a time when drum n´bass rhythm concepts had worn out and the genre´s mid 90s hype on European dancefloors had faded. However, the technology knowledge and bass boost that drum n´bass largely introduced into electronic music production remained strong amongst various bedroom producers across Europe. The Sly n´ Mo album is an echo of this transcience between the sound and bass legacy of drum n´bass and it´s appropriation by a – then new – generation of producers such as Stereotyp (who started producing in 1996), trying their own take on the “hardcore continuum” and the legacy of Jamaican music. Thus, Sly n´ Mo´s “Joint Venture” still sounds fresh today, I was amazed how little the majority of tracks have faded over all these years, not only in style, but also in sound, showing that Stereotyp has been a very precise working sound engineer from day one. If you´re lucky, you can hunt down the double vinyl of this album on Discogs, Sly n´ Mo or buy the overpriced CD on Amazon UK. Unfortunately, the album was never released digitally as the Uptight label folded in the early 2000´s and their catalogue never made it into the online age.

I found Sly n´ Mo´s “Darker Sensimilia”, which I put on my very first compilation “Dub Infusions 1989-1999” (Sonar Kollektiv, 2000) on Youtube. Don´t be misled, this is the most mellow track on the album, the rest of “Joint Venture” is fire.

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