August 5th, 2011


While everybody is going the beach, we continue to dig on our huge back catalogue to reveal hidden gems and debut unreleased tracks. For the very first time, Man Recordings presents some of the label´s best acappellas in one release. The Man Recordings Acappella compilation features the original baile funk acappellas used by artists such as Crookers, Feadz, Jesse Rose, Oliver $, Daniel Haaksman and others and features MCs such as Deize Tigrona, Edu K, MC Gringo, MC Jennifer or Bani Silva. The compilation is a perfect release for producers, DJs and studio wizzards to do their take on the great MC voices of Rio De Janeiro´ creme of the crop in baile funk. On top, we are debut releasing the acappellas of Ku Bo´s productions feat. the voices of Joyce Muniz, Daniecell, Sara and Tshila.

V.A. “Man Recordings Acappellas”

1. Crookers “Soca Ali Baba” feat. MC Dandão (Acappella)
2. Crookers “Para De Graçinha” feat. MC Leka (Acappella)
3. Edu K “Gatas, Gatas, Gatas” (Acappella)
4. Edu K “Hot Mama” (Acappella)
5. Edu K “Popozuda Rock n´Roll” (Acappella)
6. Edu K “Sex-O-Matic” feat. Deize Tigrona (Acappella)
7. Feadz “Subiu, Desceu” feat. MC Wes (Acappella)
8. Jesse Rose “Toca Pra Mim” feat. Deize Tigrona (Acappella)
9. MC Gringo “1 Real” feat. MC Binho (Acappella)
10. Oliver $ “Ta Com Medo Do Mim” feat. Deize Tigrona (Acappella)
11. Seiji “Todo Mundo” feat. MC Dolores (Acappella)
12. The Count & Sinden “Tamborzuda” feat. MC Thiaguinho (Acappella)
13. Daniel Haaksman “Rap Da Silva” feat. Bani Silva (Acappella)
14. Daniel Haaksman “Who´s Afraid Of Rio” feat. MC Jennifer (Acappella)
15. Ku Bo “Sumanita” feat. Daniecell (Acappella)
16. Ku Bo “Mela” feat. Joyce Muniz (Acappella)
17. Ku Bo “Lem Lem” feat. Sara (Acapella)
18. Ku Bo “Kaggua” feat. Tshila (Acappella)

Listen to and buy the release at these fine platforms:

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