Man FM 007 – Daniel Haaksman

October 15th, 2010
Man FM 007 - Daniel Haaksman

Man FM is the Man Recordings podcast radio that gives you access to exclusive first listens to all the new Man Recordings releases, Interviews with all our Artists, DJ mixes by special guests plus brand new tracks and classics that inspire us. Hosted by Tim Turbo.

Attention! It’s Man FM issue number seven and our guest is no other then DANIEL HAAKSMAN himself. We will go a little bit back into time, back to the time when it was still summer, back to a superheated Berlin for an interview with Daniel in a chilly coffee place close to the Man Recordings office. We talked about the last five years of the label, the next five years, how everybody should listen to Howie B and of course about Daniel’s “HANDS UP EP”, wich is followed by the “HANDS UP REMIX EP” these days. As always I, Tim Turbo, will show of my latest findings from the interwebs of music and our guest will deliver a, as superb as exclusiv, DJ-mix for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy the ride!

Download: Man FM 007 – Daniel Haaksman

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One Response to “Man FM 007 – Daniel Haaksman”

  1. Tim Turbo Says:


    Tim Turbo’s Part:

    01 Busy Signal – Between Eyes
    02 Spoek Mathambo – Mshini Wam
    03 Tim Turbo – Hush (Iggy, Iggy) Ft Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana (Douster Remix)
    04 El Guincho – Bombay (Catz N Dogz Instrumental Edit)
    05 Jumping Back Slash – Kwaai Sneakers
    06 t.b.a.
    07 Quintino – Parapapa ( Rap das Armas) (Unknown Remix)
    08 t.b.a.

    Daniel Haaksman’s Part:

    09 Daniel Haaksman – Hands Up (French Fries Remix)
    10 Seiji – Weedkiller
    11 Staygold & Robyn – Backseat (Douster Remix/DH VIP)
    12 The Count+Sinden – Future
    13 Schlachthofbronx – Kalazoo
    14 Bert On Beats feat. MC Gi ‚Äì Alem?£o
    15 Breach – Man Up
    16 Coldcut – Timber (Seiji Remix)
    17 Party Squad – Murderer (Punish Remix/DH VIP)

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