Man Recordings Tape

April 16th, 2009
Man Recordings Tape

No, I’m not talking about that old school rectangular object that you used to listen to in your dad’s car. I’m talking about the sticky kind. Big shout out to the Haaksinator for coming up with that… it’s probably the most useful piece of merchandising that I have ever seen.

The photo above demonstrates just one of the many ways that this tape can be put to use. The hairy leg in the photo belongs to Motorpitch, who can only do music in the summer while wearing his trusty Birkenstocks. To show his gratitude to the Man Rec Tape for mending his sandal, here is one very nice summertime mashup he asked me to put up to share on the blog.

Jackson 5 – I want you back (Motorpitch riddim mash)

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