June 30th, 2008

A Man Recordings Blog exclusive, here we have
available for the first time three remixes left over
from the Não Wave Revisited Project. “Não Wave –
Brazilian Post-Punk 1982-1988”, which was the first release
from Man Recordings in 2005 and is a fascinating document of a
fertile period in Brazilian music and received great
reviews from Pitchfork to the Village Voice. The two tracks are by:

Agentss “Agentes”
A Technopop band that were the predecessors of the
Brazilian new wave. Formed in 1980, they released an
independent single (“Agentes” / “Angra”) in 1982, and
another for a major label (“Professor Digital” /
“Cidade Industrial”) in 1983, splitting up in the same
year. The few live shows they did always had a huge
impact. The leader, vocalist and keyboard player
Kodiak Bachine continued with an obscure solo work,
while the guitarists Orion Mike (Miguel Barella) and
Duo (Eduardo Amarante) went on to work in important
bands in the following years such as Voluntários da
Patria and Azul 29.

The Agentss remixers are:

No Mo Heroes (http://www.myspace.com/nomoheroes) from Tel Aviv, Israel

Anvil FX (http://www.anvilfx.com/) from São Paulo, Brazil

Black Future “Eu Sou O Rio”
The darkest (“dark” being the name given to Brazilian
pre-goths) and most experimental band from Rio de
Janeiro, where the radical musical scene was based
round the club “Crepúsculo de Cubatão” owned by the
exiled English bank robber, Ronnie Biggs. Black Future
were led by vocalist Márcio Satanésio and keyboard
player, violinist and artist Tantão, two eccentric
composers from the bohemian neighbourhood of Lapa,
influenced by pop culture in general and comics in
particular. The group appeared in 1983 and the album
was released in 1988, promptly disappearing. One of
the most well-known tracks is “Eu Sou O Rio” (I am
Rio), which ironically celebrates the city, mixing
punk funk and samba.

Black Future get remixed by

Telephones from Norway
(www.myspace.com/telephonesmusic) http://www.zshare.net/audio/14453406d7b1b8f2/

Man Recordings, from the favelas to the fjords,
creating a new global community!

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