November 10th, 2016



November 3rd, 2016

In Seiji´s long spanning career, the king of West London broken beat has made many tracks that were so ahead of their time, is almost spooky. His track “Basslips”, released on the 5 year anniversary compilation of Man Recordings – “Valeu” – is one of such tracks. With it´s off beat, a heavy bassline and a melody line that resembles “Township Funk”, “Basslips” felt groove patterns of current Afro House already six years ago . Listen to this golden tropical bass nugget below:


October 27th, 2016

Brasil is currently not only experiencing a political crisis , its economy is in trouble too. And there´s probably no Brasilian music genre that is more effected by the money crash than funk ostentação. The São Paulo version of baile funk, which rose to prominence with artists such as MC Guimé or MC João displaying their new wealth in music videos full of gold chains, raining cash and expensive cars has lost its meaning. Brasilian researchers Renato Barreiros and Renato Meirelle show in this short, yet informative documentary, what went wrong. If you don´t understand Portuguese, switch to English subtitles in the Youtube settings.


October 13th, 2016

#2 in our Throwback Thursday´s series is a track by Bert On Beats from 2010 ft. the mighty Brazilian singer MC Gi. What made the release extra special was the line up of remixers: Schlachthofbronx, Roulet and Bambounou. Today known as hottest techno export from Paris, “Alemão” was one of Bambounou´s first remixes ever. At that moment, still dabbling with various tropical genres, Bambounou´s remix is take on 3Ball Monterrey, which around late 2009 early 2010 was all the rage. Listen to it below and play it out (again), it hasn´t lost its greatness.

Viní & Sants “Tugudum” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

October 5th, 2016
Viní & Sants "Tugudum" (FREE DOWNLOAD)


The third and last release of the free download joint series by Viní and Sants from São Paulo is ending this week with their free download release of “Tugudum”. We had a quick chat with Viní about the idea behind the series, their current projects, the state of bass music in São Paulo and much more!

What was the idea behind the collaboration?

We had a demo from Vuk Vuk since last year, that I started on Red Bull Station SP and sent to Diego to finish. While we hadn’t done the tune, we used to play it on some parties and people just loved this one, then they ALWAYS asked for this.
This year we decided to finish it for real and make something bigger than just one release, so we decided first to make an EP and then, a short ‘single series’. Diego started another and me another, and we send each other and finished as well.
The intention is always to make some sense, like in a movie or tv series, you know? The ambience, the tension and stuff… We think that are very important things when you’re tryin’ to work with funk paulista. That’s not only to put “a build up here and a nice drop there”, definitely.

The free tracks are illustrated by a machine gun, a motor cycle and some sunglasses – what´s that all about?
That’s all about the onomatopeias we used as leads on the tracks. We minded to use some classic vocals like “Ratatá” from MC Doriva and the sample from MC Vuk Vuk, for example… Ratatá is clearly the noise from a gun, so I asked my cousin to put a gun on this cover. Vuk Vuk, by the nowadays funk slangs is more like a motor noise, so I asked him to put a CG or a Hornet on that. Tugudum is more like a beatbox, so I minded on a essential piece on the ‘funkeiro de São Paulo’ look, like the sunglasses from Oakley. It’s all about to represent some funk symbols from nowadays in São Paulo hahaha

What´s the São Paulo scene like these days?

In a way, club scene is bubblin’, because there’re some parties going strong, just because they’re not exactly club parties, you know? They do on the streets or in places like an old factory and stuff… And with no specific genres, they usually play techno, but I’ve seen already some playin’ more like brazilian stuff, experimental, etc…
On the funk scene I see that things are stable, not with no decay and with no large rise up. They still movin’.

Are Fluxos still a big thing?
Yes, always. But no more like that time when there was a great movement on internet, you know? Like events and stuff… The violent act from police in São Paulo made it weake a lil’ bit. People have fear to promote it on internet and some ‘infiltrated’ police discover the day and the exact time of a fluxo and just go there and finish all. But they’re are resisting, for sure.

What are you currently working on?
I’m coming back from some health problems I had along this year and made me reduce my pace of work, now I’m just looking forward to recover the time that I’ve lost.
So I want to continue with this short releases for free inviting another producers and MCs to colaborate (I have already some work in progress), I have two official remixes to finish, maybe some tunes to put on a possible EP for 2017, and I want (and need) to improve my social media, maybe start thinkin’ about a website, a nice and new visual concept, maybe a simple merch, etc. Spreading wings, definitely.

Photo by Chris Kets