Pupilos Do Kuduro “Fogo”

July 29th, 2015
Pupilos Do Kuduro "Fogo"


July 21st, 2015

20160615-SNOWDEN-man-rec-088-02 Kopie

Brazilian bass music lately has done quantum leaps. For long, Brazil was excluded from affordable technology due to absurd custom taxes. Today, thanks to the internet, young producers from across Brazil get unprecedented access to cracked software, online tutorials and music from around the world like never before. The result is a huge new wave from Brazil of bass music inspired music hybrids that fuse the best homegrown grooves with transnational low-end elements. New genres such as baile trap, favela twerk or rasteirinha as well as other bass bastards are represented by artists such as Tropkillaz, Omulu, Sants, Cybass, Maffalda, Carlos, Pesadão Tropical and last but not least, Viní.

Viní is a 22 year old producer and DJ from São Paulo, who has long been influenced by international bass music but also by the vibes of the “fluxos” – the baile funk culture on the streets of São Paulo´s outskirts. Man Recordings inspired Viní since his adolescence when he used to listen all volumes of the seminal “Funk Mundial” series. This series brought producers from Europe and the US such as Stereotyp, Sinden, Oliver Dollar or Feadz amongst others, together with baile funk MCs from Rio and anticipated today´s Brazil bass sound. Viní says: “For me it’s a great honour to write my name in the history of the label that inspired me at the beginning, where I could see big names of the current scene as Diplo, Crookers, Douster, Deize Tigrona, Edu K and many others releasing tracks that have become classics.”

Vini (5) 2

Viní named his debut after “Coringa”, the Portuguese equivalent name for the split personality character of The Joker in Batman. It´s a tribute to role plays which are popular amongst São Paulo youths using names and dress elements from comic villains, easily to adopt, yet associated with a badass character and dress style, a Paulista interpretation of swag.

On the bass heavy opening track of the EP, “Vai”, Viní moves from an 808 driven crunk beat into dembow territory, “Bandida Arlequina” sports the seductive rasteirinha beat, a fusion of baile funk and dembow, which currently is all the rage in Brazil. “Agente De Caos” kicks off with an amazing collage of the urban sounds audible at the “fluxos”, motorcycle roaring, police sirens, gun shots and frantic laughter which leads into another rasteirinha groove. And finally, there´s “Coringa” in which rasteirinha clashes onto trap inspired grooves.

The “Coringa” EP by Viní. Four amazingly fresh tracks from one of Brazil´s hottest new artist.

Early DJ support from Toddla T, Feadz, Mixhell, Schlachthofbronx, Daniel Haaksman, Sinden, Douster, Bert On Beats, Milangeles, DJ Orgasmik, Jess+Crabbe and many more!

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Listen to the release below:

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C.K. MANN + HIS CAROUSEL 7 “Asafo Beesuon” (Daniel Haaksman Edit) – free dl!

July 13th, 2015
C.K. MANN + HIS CAROUSEL 7 "Asafo Beesuon" (Daniel Haaksman Edit) - free dl!


July 10th, 2015

Italy is currently burning under a relentless African heat. Nevertheless Milangeles found time between one shower and the next to pack this cool new mixtape. 35 minutes of global club music to listen to in the car while hunting for your own private beach with your new summer partner. The dashboard is on fire and so are your speakers. Happy summer to you all wish Milangeles, a.k.a. Filippo & Teddy.

Alexandre Francisco Diaphra’s “Blackbook Of The Beats” short movie

July 8th, 2015
Alexandre Francisco Diaphra’s "Blackbook Of The Beats" short movie

(Via Okay Africa) Alexandre Francisco Diaphra is a Lisbon-based, Bissau-Guinean multimedia artist crafting tracks that blend off-kilter hip-hop beats, experimental jazz, and psychedelia with Portuguese spoken word and rapping. Following an award at the 1st International Poetry Slam in Rio de Janeiro and a European tour as part of Angolan-Portuguese project Batida‘s band, the MC/producer/poet is now releasing his own 15-song album Diaphra’s Blackbook of the Beats.

The full-length release is based on improvised beats and eclectic samples, featuring live instrumentation played by invited artists and Diaphra’s own spoken and rapped poetry. Today, Diaphra is premiering an extensive 30-minute short film pairing to his Blackbook of the Beats album, soundtracked by the LP’s compositions, which follows the artist as he gathers inspiration and makes beats across his global journeys — including stops in Lisbon and San Francisco. Diaphra’s Blackbook of the Beats is available now on iTunes and will be released in digital, CD, limited vinyl and Deluxe “Moleskine” notebook edition, including both CD & DVD with all videos, by Mental Groove Records/Bazzerk. Watch the Blackbook of the Beats film below.